Whatever your money situation is, we’re here to help you Figure It Out

Boutique Accountants for the Adult Industry, Sex Workers, the LGBTIQA+ communities, and Tradies in Sydney and Melbourne.

Whatever your money situation is, we’re here to help you Figure It Out

Boutique Accountants for the Adult Industry, Sex Workers, the LGBTIQA+ communities, and Tradies in Sydney and Melbourne.

Accountants that get it. Really?

While sex and tax don’t seem to gel for most people, they do for Katrina and her team. They get it – all of it – the dynamics of the Adult Industry, of being Queer in today’s world, of the importance of feeling safe and being discrete when having important conversations around money and the Australian Taxation Office. Hell, they even understand the world of the self-employed (sole trader, in Partnership or Company) Tradies. How? Excuse the cliche, but they’ve been there and done that (literally).

Numbers and the ATO may not be your thing, so Katrina and the team are here to take all those worries off your hands so you can get back to life and business however you see fit (there’s no judgement from this corner, that’s for sure!)


Whether it’s Taxation, Accounting, or getting a home loan, we can FIGURE IT OUT for you.


No one knows better the importance of claiming from the ATO.


Your secrets are safe with us, and our lips are sealed shut – always.

Taxation and Accounting Services We’ll FIGURE IT OUT for you!

From individuals to the self-employed (sole traders), partnerships and companies, we’ve got your Accounting and Taxation sorted. If you think it’s complicated, shoot it our way, and we’ll FIGURE IT OUT for you – even if your next tax return has been decades in the making (actually, especially when your tax return is way overdue!)

Numbers don’t have to be boring – you just need the right Accountants to handle them for you!


Registered Tax Agents to help you meet your taxation obligations. Perfect for individuals, the self-employed (sole traders), partnerships, and companies.


From assisting you with your Bookkeeping to assisting in lodging your IAS or BAS (and explaining what the hell they are in easy terms) and setting yourself up for financial security, we have you covered.

Taxation and Accounting made easy for you

Keeping the books and dealing with numbers can do your head in, especially when your life isn’t stock standard and straightforward. That’s when you need a team on your side that just gets it and that genuinely wants to see you succeed. So, book a date with us, and we’ll pour you a glass of bubbly (a mineral water, or a beer) while you spill the beans on your finances. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces, review your books, keep you on the right side of the ATO and more.

Who we serve

We’ve created a space where you can speak openly and honestly about your finances… Because, honestly darling, we don’t give a damn about your sexual orientation, but we definitely care that you have your tax and financial paperwork in order so you can enjoy life your way.

It’s not often you’ll meet an Accountant who has been supporting sex workers and the adult industry with their tax, assisting with bookkeeping and accounting needs for decades. Katrina has been at the forefront – both literally and figuratively. She’s been where you are and was one of the first to start specialising as an Accountant for Sex workers and the Adult Industry. She works closely with the ATO, SWOP and RHED. For the last two decades, she’s been living the dream by helping Sex Workers, Escorts, Strippers, Only Fans, BDSM, Private Girls and Boys, and other Adult Industries to get their books in order and work towards financial security.

Life should be simple, but as a tradie, it can be anything but when it comes to accounting. Being a self-employed Sole Trader, Partnership or Company can make keeping business, and personal financial affairs separate feel complicated. So, why not work with the Accountants who know and understand the life of a self-employed tradie (and the challenges of managing those pesky receipts)? We’re here to help simplify your life and make tax time a breeze.


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