Supporting the LGBTIQA+ Communities with their Taxation and Accounting needs.

It’s never as complicated as you think. We’re here to help you.

Supporting the LGBTIQA+ Communities with their Taxation and Accounting needs.

It’s never as complicated as you think. We’re here to help you.

A judgement-free space to talk about your money

Whether you identify as being part of the LGBTIQA+ communities or not, we’ve created a space where you can speak openly and honestly about money… Because, honestly darling, we don’t give a damn about your sexual orientation, but we definitely care that you have your finances in order so you can enjoy life your way.

We get you

The best understanding comes from being part of the community, and we are.

Multiskilled Queens

From assisting you with bookkeeping to tax (and everything in between including being a Mortgage fairy), we can help.

We know the ATO

Katrina’s involvement with the ATO means you have a representative who knows the system looking after you.

Tax and Accounting Services for the LGBTIQA+ Community We’ll FIGURE IT OUT for you.

We’re making sure you get all the help you need with the absolute freedom of just being yourself in all your glory.


We’re registered Taxation Agents who are here to help you keep up with your reporting and tax obligations. Perfect for individuals, the self-employed (sole traders), partnerships and companies.


From assisting you with your Bookkeeping to assisting with lodging your IAS or BAS (and explaining it all in easy terms for you) and setting yourself up for financial security, we have you covered.

Why choose us?

We know and understand the importance of creating a safe place to discuss your finances. Above all, we know how the ATO works and how to maintain your confidentiality with them.
The people you speak to over the phone and face-to-face at the office are the Accountants who will be helping you get your numbers in order so you can confidently lodge your tax return without any worries.
The best understanding comes from being part of the community. That’s where Katrina is different. She gets you. She’s probably been where you are. She can speak your language and make things feel easier for you.
The benefit of having such a varied past is that Katrina has become a multiskilled and multitasking Queen – she can help you with Accounting and taxation and can educate you around money and more – all in your language!
Katrina has been involved in working parties within the Australian Taxation Office, so she knows what specific deductions you can claim. She’s here to take the pressure off, so you don’t get stressed or worry … that’s her job!

Come as you are and get your books in order

Let us take the worry and stress of navigating the tax system and accounting because we get you and we know how the system can work for you. We know that with the right support, you too can make looking after your tax returns and bookwork easy as.


Your Questions Answered

Yes. In 2008, the government passed legislation to make sure same-sex couples and families are treated the same way as other couples and families for income tax and superannuation purposes. They also updated key terms such as ‘spouse’ and ‘child’ to recognise the relationships between same-sex couples and their children. These changes apply from 1 July 2009 onwards. You can find the details about changes to same-sex relationships on the ATO website.

Tax and accounting regulations in Australia change from time to time. We recommend seeking professional advice from a qualified Accountant or Taxation Agent at Figure It Out for specific guidance tailored to your circumstances.

Give Figure It Out a call, and we’ll answer your questions based on your personal circumstances.

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