Taxation Agents & Accountants in Sydney & Melbourne

We’ll FIGURE IT OUT for you

Taxation Agents & Accountants in Sydney & Melbourne

We’ll FIGURE IT OUT for you

Put your tax return in good hands

When you live and work outside the proverbial box, you need Accountants who understand your industry, your community and its challenges, your business. We’re experienced, registered Taxation Agents who can complete and lodge your tax returns for you. We’ve been doing it for decades.

We’ll take into account your personal and business situation, and we’ll help you set up your tax returns in a way that keeps your business yours – discrete and confidential (‘mum’s the word’) – while keeping you compliant with the tax office’s rules and regulations.

Individual, Self-employed (Sole Trader) Tax Returns

You may be an individual or self-employed and set up as a sole trader or company – it doesn’t matter; this is one thing you do not have to do alone.

As a sole trader, you are personally responsible for your business taxes, liabilities, and debts. While it’s the simplest type of business in Australia, preparing your tax return can feel anything but.

Your tax return may be filed under your personal TFN (Tax File Number), and you’ll need to pay Pay-As-You-Go instalments (PAYGI), so you aren’t hit hard at tax time. Depending on the size of your business, you may need to withhold tax from employees and be registered for GST (and file quarterly BAS or Business Activity Statements). Sound like gibberish? Yup, we get it. We’re here to make it all feel a lot easier.

Company Tax Returns

There are quite a few rules and regulations you need to meet to keep your company tax compliant, and staying up to date can feel like a drag. Our team of qualified Taxation Agents and Accountants are here to help you meet your financial obligations, optimise your business for profits and to help you stay abreast of all things finance.

Better yet, we get that your life (and work) may not be that straightforward, so we’re here to ease the burden with advice and support to get your numbers working for you.

I’m way overdue - Multiple Tax Returns

Being way overdue for your tax return might make you want to bury your head in the sand (if I ignore it, surely it will go away?) The longer you take to submit, the more trouble you can get into with the ATO. While it can feel overwhelming, we can promise you it isn’t.

Katrina and the team are here to help FIGURE IT OUT for you. They’ll liaise with the ATO on your behalf, work through all the overdue returns and get you back on the straight and narrow (even if you aren’t). Simply Give Figure It Out a call, and let’s get you sorted quick-smart.

Who you speak to is who will help you

The people you speak to over the phone and face-to-face at the office are the Accountants who will be helping you get your numbers in order so you can confidently lodge your tax return without any worries.

We’ll FIGURE IT OUT for you

Our team is here to make your life and tax easier. We get you and your business and know how to set up your tax returns for maximum outcomes and discretion. Book an initial date with us to chat about how we can help.


Your Questions Answered

We have two offices conveniently located in Sydney and Melbourne.


  • 1106, 281 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
  • +61 (02) 9818 8181
  • +6141 1235 084
  • We’re across from Museum Station and a stone’s throw from Oxford Street.


  • The Como Centre
  • Level 19, 644 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141
  • +6141 1235 084

Sure do. With years of experience and close ties to the ATO, we know the best way to code your expenses, so your business stays private and confidential. Better yet, we usually know where the ATO is placing their focus at each tax time so we can make sure your tax return meets their requirements exactly.


  • Identification, Tax File Number and bank details for your refund
  • Investment property
  • Bank statements and investment statements
  • Your health fund details
  • Managed funds or shares.

If you are employed and your employer is registered with the ATO, your payment summaries will already be uploaded, if they aren’t or you are unsure, please bring your payment summaries to your appointment.


  • Any insurances or policies you have, such as income protection or business insurance
  • Evidence of charity donations
  • Logbook and expense receipts for work vehicle
  • Receipts for uniforms, tools, and equipment
  • Business travel receipts
  • Accountants invoice from last year’s tax return (if it wasn’t us)
  • Any other receipts for business expenses
  • Education/professional development receipts
  • Computer, working from home, internet, phone details.

We’ll let you know if you need to bring anything else to your appointment based on your personal and business circumstances and investments.

Tax and accounting regulations in Australia change from time to time. We recommended you seek professional advice from a qualified Accountant or Taxation Agent for specific guidance tailored to your individual circumstances.

Give Figure It Out a call, and we’ll answer your questions based on your personal circumstances.