We get you, and we want to see you succeed.

Confidential Tax and Accounting Services for everyone

We get you, and we want to see you succeed.

Confidential Tax and Accounting Services for everyone

A judgement-free space to talk about your money and tax

When you don’t conform to society’s norms (you’re like a square peg in a round hole), we help get your taxes and paperwork in order.

That’s when you need a team on your side who genuinely gets it, who wants to see you succeed. So, book a date with us, and we’ll pour you a glass of bubbly (or a mineral water or a beer) while you spill the beans on your tax & accounting matters to a discrete and confidential ear. We’ll be there to FIGURE IT OUT for you – talk receipts, maintain your Accounting, keep you on the right side of the ATO and more.


No one knows better the importance of deduction claims.


Your secrets are safe with us, and our lips are sealed shut – always.

All women

Feel safe and supported when you walk through our door.

Who we serve

Supporting the LGBTIQA+ Community with their tax and accounting needs.

Everyone is welcome at Figure It Out Accountants. We’ve created a space where you can speak openly and honestly about your numbers… Because, honestly darling, we definitely care that you have all your tax matters in order so you can enjoy life your way.

Supporting the Adult Industry & Sex Workers with their tax and accounting needs.

You’ll not often meet an Accountant who has been supporting sex workers and the Adult Industry with their tax, assisting with your bookkeeping and accounting needs for decades. Katrina has been at the forefront – both literally and figuratively. She’s been where you are and was one of the first to start specialising as an Accountant for Sex workers and the Adult Industry. She works closely with the ATO, SWOP and RHED. For the last two decades, she’s been living the dream by helping Sex Workers, Escorts, Strippers, Only Fans, BDSM, Private Girls and Boys and other Adult Industries to get their books in order and work towards financial security.

Supporting Tradies with their tax and accounting needs.

Life should be simple, but as a Tradie, it can be anything but when it comes to money. Being a self-employed Sole Trader, partnership or a company can complicate keeping business and personal financial affairs separate. So, why not work with the Accountants who know and understand the life of a self-employed tradie (and the challenges of managing those pesky receipts)? We’re here to help simplify your life and make tax time a breeze.


Why choose us?

We know and understand the importance of creating a safe place to discuss your finances. Above all, we know how the ATO works and how to maintain your confidentiality with them.
The people you speak to over the phone and face-to-face at the office are the Accountants who will be helping you get your numbers in order so you can confidently lodge your tax return without any worries.
The best understanding comes from being part of the community. That’s where Katrina is different. She gets you. She’s probably been where you are. She can speak your language and make things feel easier for you.
The benefit of having such a varied past is that Katrina has become a multiskilled and multitasking Queen – she can help you with Accounting and taxation and can educate you around money and more – all in your language!
Katrina has been involved in working parties within the Australian Taxation Office, so she knows what specific deductions you can claim. She’s here to take the pressure off, so you don’t get stressed or worry … that’s her job!
Our all-female team means that Sex Workers, Escorts, BDSM, Only Fans, Private Girls and Boys and others from the Adult Industry are safe and supported when they walk through our door.

Accountants for everyone

We care about creating a space where you can pull up a chair and (openly and safely) talk about your finances and your business. Even more important, we care about ensuring you get the best support when it comes to keeping your numbers in order and staying on the right side of the ATO. Meet us and book your initial date with us.