Figure It Out – Catch up Accounts

Figure It Out – Catch up Accounts

Q: I haven’t lodged my tax in 10 years or so. How can I clean this mess up without getting into trouble with the ATO?

Feeling overwhelmed by a decade of ignored taxes does not have to result in sleepless nights. At Figure It Out Accounting, doing catch up accounts if you have fallen behind is our bread and butter. Consider us your tax superhero, ready to turn your tax headache into a thing of the past.

At Figure It Out we love dealing with clients that haven’t done their taxes in years. It makes you happy, it makes us happy, and most importantly it makes the ATO happy and will get that monkey off your back once and for all.

Cleaning up your tax debt isn’t just a relief—it’s your ticket to unlocking some government benefits like pensions and Centrelink payments. Surprisingly, some insurers won’t cough up compensation unless your taxes are up to date. Plus, when leaving Australia the airport may actually prevent you from leaving the Country unless all your taxes are up to date.

So let Figure It Out pick up the pieces, review your books and keep you on the right side of the ATO. Call 0411 235 084 or email